Maria Cuadra(マリア・クアドラ)

Maria Cuadra(マリア・クアドラ)

Bio: Maria (Abu Conexion) Cuadra was born in El Salvador, Central America, on March 3rd, 1951.
Her upbringing rooted in coffee-mountain area and mystical land of the Lenca people.
From a very young age, she expressed interest in learning and understanding the Truth, the purpose of her existence and the heritage of her surroundings.

Throughout those years and into adulthood, she studied diverse philosophies and schools of thoughts from different parts of the world including: Freemasonry, Rosicrucians, Zen Buddhism, Wicca, Yoruba religion (also known as Santeria), participatory healing through sacred ceremonies, Peruvian shamanism, and Mayan cosmo-vision.

These rays of multicultural beliefs enlightened her life mission as a healer and connector, by subjectively uniting the many paths to the One Source.
Since 1997 she took many spiritual journeys in various countries: Japan, Nepal, India, Mexico, United States, Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, and nations in Central America.

In 2006 she served as a translator for the Guatemalan Mayan elder Tata Pedro Cruz in a 20-day Diksha initiation at the Oneness University located in Chennai, the south of India.
It was this experience in India and the journey to Nepal that gave her a profound calling of absolute service, purpose of Oneness, and Unity.

At present time Maria (Abu Conexion) is an active member of the Council of Mayan Ajq’ijab’ (Consejo de Sacerdotes Mayas) of El Salvador, Unity Staff Carrier, continuing studies on Mayan Cosmology, vigorously working with the organization Calpulli of the Sixth Sun, which is based in Fresno, California USA.

An organization where participants can reaffirm their true essence in life. It is a place of refuge, where one can cleanse the mind, feed the spirit to reassert their individuality, renew collectiveness as a community while devoted to bring: Balance, Joy, Unity, Peace, Love, Patience, and Harmony to those who seek.

マリア クアドラは1951年3月3日に中央アメリカのエルサルバドルに生まれ。
現在、マリア(アブ コネクシオン)は、エルサルバドルのMayan Ajq’ijab’ (Consejo de Sacerdotes Mayas)評議会の正会員であり、カリフォルニア フレスコにある「6番目の太陽Calpulli組織」で活発に活動するかたわら、マヤの宇宙論を学んでいる、そして「聖なる杖」の継承者の一人。