SUSAN STARK CHRISTIANSON(スーザン・スターク・クリスチャンセン)

Susan Christianson

◆SUSAN STARK  CHRISTIANSON(スーザン・スターク・クリスチャンセン)
Susan Stark Christianson is an award-winning former journalist
currently living in Juneau, Alaska and Bellingham, Washington.
She is the owner of Christianson Communications, an advertising and public relations firm, and Walton Group Publications, a new publishing
business focused on promoting work by women.
She is a former Deputy Director of Communications for the State of Alaska Office of the Governor.

She recently developed a successful advertising campaign to bring awareness to the issues surrounding domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska.
Her volunteer work has included organizing the 2016 Spiritual Unity of Tribes Gathering of Eagles, serving on the Board of Directors of International Cross-Cultural Alcohol Program (Inter-CCAP), as well as numerous local service organizations.
Writing the book “Women’s Voices: The Wisdom of the Grandmothers” and creating the documentary film “The Wisdom of the Grandmothers” was the fulfillment of a one of Susan’s life dreams.
It was also a life-changing experience, providing her with the opportunity to meet and be inspired by the incredible mothers and grandmothers she met along the journey.

彼女は、宣伝・広告会社であるチャンセン コミュニケーションズのオーナーであり、また女性の販促業務に特化した新しい広告ビジネスであるウォルトン
2016年Spiritual Unity of Tribes Gathering of Eaglesの取りまとめをボランティアとしておこないながら、国際異文化アルコールプログラム(Inter-CCAP)、地域にあるたくさんの団体の取締役を務めている。